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These are part of our values at Alpine Booster







The host and founder : Clément


Clément came to the idea of Alpine Booster after 6 years working in Paris as a technical support engineer. The first idea was to escape from Paris and leave pollution, never ending transportation, and flee this crazy life. Right after that came a need to be right in the mountains and be able to enjoy this playground whenever he liked. In a quest for a meaningful job, he decided not to work for a company anymore and start his own project. After trying many different things related to his interests in life, he visited a first coworking space and was amazed by the atmosphere and what could happen when like-minded people meet and share. After visiting many others in Paris and getting in touch with the founders, he went for a coworking research trip in the Alps region, and also spent a few weeks with different coworking space managers. Always keen on welcoming people at home and big fan of couchsurfing, he decided to include accomodation in his project. After two inspirational trips during 3 months around coworking and coliving spaces in Europe, he validated the concept and started scouting places in the French Alps. Chamonix was his initial idea, but the advantages of the Serre Chevalier valley finally made it the perfect spot. 2 years after the first coworking space visit, Alpine Booster will be up and running, and just waiting for you!


Apart from that, Clément likes traveling, skiing, hiking, via ferrata, white water sports and board games. He probably likes you too as you seem to be sharing the same values.

But above all and far beyond, he likes butter pastries ;-)