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Made with ❤️ in the French Alps

Coworking  and  coliving  community

in  the  French  Alps

Welcome to Alpine Booster !

Alpine Booster is the home for entrepreneurs, freelancers and all location independent professionals who want to find balance between their professional and personal lives and be inspired by the surrounding mountains.

Located in the heart of the French Alps, it will combine the power of its community and the relaxed atmosphere of the most beautiful mountains in Europe to create new, meaningful experiences all in one place!



Reconnect with nature in the heart of the mountains; discover how working and living together in one of the sunniest areas in France with like-minded individuals can benefit your personal and professional lives.

Our chalet will provide you and 10+ digital nomads with at least:

-  5 private or shared rooms

-  200 square meters of living space
-  Fully equipped kitchen

-  Laundry facilities

-  Cleaning service

-  Garden for relaxing

And most important... Inspirational mountain views!



Coworking is sharing,

Coworking is learning,

Coworking is growing.

Whether you are productive in a social or quiet space, on a sunny balcony or even in the garden, you will enjoy magnificent views over the Alps mountains.

Our internet will be both fast and reliable; your computer will quickly forget that you are nestled in the remote picturesque mountains in France.

Ready to learn new skills, boost your creativity and experience different perspectives? That's what our unique skill sharing and mastermind sessions will be designed to help with.


Be prepared for a powerful experience! Coworking at its best!



Community is the best part of co-living and the vibe at Alpine Booster will genuinely reflect that.


Connect with an international network of like-­minded location independent workers and share experiences; get more work done each day in our space, share occasional meals amongst new friends, enjoy an inspirational hiking break mid­day, or end the day exchanging innovative ideas at the nearby hot springs. Find balance between professional and social activities as you like, while learning new skills and bringing your own personality, culture and experience to this open­minded, talented community.


Add your style to our vibrant community and make Alpine Booster yours!

Part of the pictures currently used on this website are stock photos and will be replaced as soon as on site photos are available